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Old books

Discussion in 'Chewing the fat' started by diesel, Oct 12, 2017 at 8:40 AM.

  1. diesel

    diesel Well-Known Member

    Sep 23, 2016
    Getting around the country, no matter what direction I am heading, I like to wander through flea markets. Apart from keeping a lookout for a bargain bit of fishing tackle, I look for old books, especially those that have something to do with fishing.

    My wife often says that I'm mad to be buying books that contain information that could hardly be relevant in modern times and even though some things that were written decades ago are totally outdated, every now and then I come across a publication that is an absolute treasure.

    One such book that I recently purchased for the princely sum of $1.50 is titled: "60 Ways to Fool a Trout" and it contains info that is never published in modern fishing magazines. It was written by a chap named Lance Wedlick, not sure when he first put it together as the copy I have is a revised edition from 1981 and going by some of the references to different tackle, I would say that he wrote it well over 50 years ago.

    A lot has changed in the world of fishing in the past 50 years, but only for us, the fishos - the fish that we seek have no concept of the passage of time as we know it and have no idea of the technological changes that have taken place, so the fishing practices of a bygone era will still catch a fish today.

    The articles in modern fishing magazines have become nothing more than advertorials in my view and the same goes for a lot of the shows on the idiot box - presenters plugging a particular brand of tackle and a very limited provision of relevant information. From what I am finding in old books, the info is not just relevant, but very detailed and honest.

    Anybody else on here collecting old books?

    Jeff :cool:
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  2. Ditch

    Ditch Member

    Oct 7, 2017
    Not collecting any old books but you are spot on about today's publications & TV shows, not only about fishing, 4wd & camping shows are just as bad. I very rarely watch either these days. There are a couple I don`t mind, the one with the two kiwis is ok, have a bit of a laugh & at least they don`t jam the products they use down your throat.

    I think that these days fishing is treated more as a sport & we are told we need this & that to be successful when really all we need is a line, hook, bait & a little patience.
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  3. kev209

    kev209 Moderator

    Aug 22, 2016
    I'm not a collector of books as such, But I have a couple or copies of A Guide to the Inland Angling Waters of Victoria.
    One, the first Edition was May 1976, Second Edition, was February 1977, I have the Third Edition May 1981
    They were writtenh by B R Turnbridge and P L Rogan. The other is the same title, but written by BR Turnbridge, P L Rogan and Charles Barnham who gave me this book. I would think most elderly Victorian Anglers would have known of or had met Charles, he was one of natures Gentlemen. 1st Edition was May 1976, 2nd was feb. 1977, 3rd was 1981 and 4th was 1991. The 3rd book a Guide to Freshwater Fish Victoria by Charles Barnham printed 1978. He also gave me a copy of this book. Charles worked for Fisheries and Wildlife for many years and his knowledge of fishing was outstanding.
    These books were published by FISHERIES AND WILD LIFE VICTORIA, Minstry for conservation Fisheries and Wildlife Division Victoria How many times have they changed there name since then
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  4. reelaxation

    reelaxation Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2016
    I still have a copy of a book I was given for my 10th birthday called "the young angler" by Roger Hungerford. A great book on very basic fishing techniques for the humble bread and butter species but I am far from a collector, maybe I might have to start a collection myself. I was searching ages ago for the old Fishing World binder series my uncle and grandfather had all of them and occasionally you find them on eBay amongst an assortment of other fishing paraphernalia from bygone days like old cork handlines, old cedar alvey reels and original butterworth and Snyder glas rods.
    ... I love to look but I know if I started collecting stuff I wouldn't stop hahahahaha
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