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Discussion in 'Chewing the fat' started by diesel, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Old fisho

    Old fisho Well-Known Member

    Sep 14, 2016
    There's a couple of things in there I like. Blair's suggestion of old Scottish methods sounds good. I assume it means lifting his kilt. Also thanks to RBF who I know as Tim. Tim suffers from my problem. He likes to write and likes to get what he writes 'right'. He has been with TBX only a short time and we have enjoyed sharing several detailed private messages. He lives in Canberra and
    though relatively new to fishing, impresses me as a thinking soul. He's the only fisher I've ever met who was introduced to fishing by a two year old son. It's planned to meet him and his family personally for a fishing session at Tuross soon.​
    Hope you don't mind all that Tim. I know you'll become a valued member and under the protective wings of more of our members soon.
    We need guys like you.
    I have little faith in our so-called administration. Nothing has been done for years and I don't expect that to change. Like Jeff, I don't open any link that I don't know something about. in spite of that, some time ago, someone got into my laptop by means I don't understand. It took my guru man Ted some time to get it back in order. In the meantime I had nothing I could do without the risk of more internal damage. I know well how to drive this thing for the usages for which I have it. After that I'm as thick as a brick.
    World's biggest IT failure
  2. ratherbefishin

    ratherbefishin Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2019
    No worries gents. I wish I had the time and space to provide a more comprehensive description of the subject, but I fear you'd all be asleep by the time I was done.

    The folks perpetuating online crime (which is what this is) use a variety of methods to trick users into downloading malicious software (aka malware) onto their machines (noting nefarious software is just one tool they have in their tool bag). Certainly fake software updates are one method, as are fake security tools, along with many others. They use a variety of tactics to convince people to install said software, but a good counter strategy is to never update your machine while you're surfing the internet; not because it'll cause problems with the update, but because it helps to avoid being fooled by fake messages offering bogus updates. Instead start your computer and open your web browser (but don't browse anywhere) before you plan to actually use it, go and make a coffee/tea/hot chocolate/bonox, and then check to see what updates you have and do the installation then.

    In terms of whether it is a waste of their time, it really depends on what they want and how you use your machine. There are many instances where what they want is to use your machine for their own ends (e.g. use it to mine for digital currency or use it to attack other peoples machines), in which case it doesn't stop you using your computer, but you may experience performance issues (i.e. it runs slower than it should).
    Alternatively, they may want to steal your credentials to your bank....or your email.....or other online services. If you don't bank online and you're not fussed about someone else having access to your email, maybe this isn't an issue.
    Then again, they may want to install ransomware on your machine and demand a fee for unlocking it (ransomware is a piece of software that encrypts/garbles the data on your hard drive - including the files associated with your operating system (e.g. Windows) - and requires a password to un-garble it again). If you have no data of value, or you do regular backups, it's no issue as you just rebuild the machine. But for 99% of people, they have information they want back and they don't backup regularly, so it costs them money (generally hundreds of dollars)......and it's not unheard of for the extortionist to take the payment and then demand more money and/or the affected person not get their data back.

    Unfortunately with the ubiquity of technology and the penchant for individuals and businesses to seek convenience without understanding, society has created for itself quite the pandora's box of problems. :( Between the unfortunate creativity of online criminals and the lack of computer security knowledge provided to the general populace, it will take a while to solve them all, if we ever do.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
  3. ratherbefishin

    ratherbefishin Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2019
    Sadly, it only gets worse when it's something I'm passionate about; like trying to help good folks like those on TBX stay safe as they can online. :)

    Worlds biggest IT failure....piffle.
    How is anyone meant to be an IT success when electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones are sold like bread and milk, but without any education about to their complexity and how they may be used effectively, not to mention their inherent risks. Being 'thick' or a 'failure' is to have knowledge and be too lazy or unintelligent to use it, which is clearly not the case here.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
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