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Taking The Wrinkles Out Of Navigation

Discussion in 'Boats' started by chicka, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. chicka

    chicka New Member

    Aug 3, 2006
    Hi All
    The subtle Art of Navigation Always amazes me! and more so pilotting inshore coastal areas.It's been a hobbie and passion of mine for some years.we sorta did things backwards starting with handheld GPS to Chartplotters and Dig.mapping.on Pc to Boat .
    but it's so cool to go back to the old proven methods of sailors like Capt.James Cook. Even Capt Bligh sailed in a small cutter after the mutiny on the Bounty 1000 nm with the use of charts and a sextant.
    Celestial Navigation(suggested reading Duttons Nautical Navigation by T.J Cuttler and a well troden Bible Bowditch).
    Sitting in the comfort of your home. fishing trips can be planned on your Pc mixing it up between google earth and Garmin blue chip East Coast Aus.also there is benefits obtained when fishing and pilotting at night! following your pre-planned waypts.and routes including proximity pts. and danger areas e.g rocks and channel markers for a safe passage to the fishing grounds.your Sounder can even be used for safe Nav.
    Nautical charts of your area are a pre-recquisite!to safe boating again spending the Winter with a pair of deviders and roller rule to rough out and plot routes to be downloaded to Pc. waypt. manager and finally uploaded to GPS. beats the hell outa fishing maps which generally dont have as much info.e.g depths etc.Suggested reading( Rob Sweets books on Navigation e.g.The weekend navigator )
    Celestial navigation is also made easier with the use of Pc.and relevant software which you can avoid long ,tedious calcs. by preparing the night sky in advance .
    A couple of the areas we fish in Sydney as you guys know are pittwater Broken Bay and Syd.Harbour Port Jackson.Shown below.
    Lake Macquarie also another area we fish has not been charted but we have an exellent topographic map and nautical charts of the above as well.I believe the lake will offer a good testing ground for Sextant sights using the lakes fore-shore as an artificial horizon taking Sun,moon and stars into account!
    Well will edit this post and update again down the track.Bye Now Chicka
  2. gone_fishing

    gone_fishing New Member

    Nov 4, 2006
    definatly a skill that is worth haveing up your sleeve
    i wonder how many people would be in strife if their gps failed
    my mate showed me how to read maps and plot courses but it would be very difficult task without land marks if out at sea

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