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Watch This Space

Discussion in 'Tracks, Trips and reports' started by diesel, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. diesel

    diesel Well-Known Member

    Sep 23, 2016
    The most time consuming part of trip preparation to remote area locations is the compilation of general area information & GPS data of waypoints to be entered into both the vehicle satnav and handheld unit, but it is something that I enjoy doing.

    By using Google Earth to locate tracks that will lead to what I believe will be fishing hot-spots, I then gather all the info I can find on the area, sometimes it is readily available, but more often than not I have to spend hours searching the internet. Some of the best and reliable info can be found on fishing and 4wd forums.

    Finding the way in to a remote spot is one thing, but having a way out if something should go wrong is more important. The pic below is one that I have captured off Google Earth and it is one of the fishing camps where I will spend some time. I have peace of mind knowing that there is an airstrip at the location in the event of a medical emergency.


    As can be seen in the image, there are numerous tracks leading into the site and each one needs to be traced back on Google Earth from the camp checking for creek crossings that could cause problems. Once I am reasonably confident that I have plotted the best way in, I will print off hard copy images so that I can write down relevant info, mainly GPS coordinates with progressive reference numbers for each entry. It is very unforgiving country and getting stuck when travelling as a solo vehicle is not an option - do the research and plan well reduces the risk of things going pear shaped.

    Jeff :cool:
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